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Research Intern, Larsen & Toubro India Pvt. Ltd.

Researched previously published predictive mathematical models like neural networks and time-series regression. Learned about how complex mathematical models work, evaluating each type’s effectiveness. Used RNN models to predict the growth of metro usage in various cities across India. Made expansion recommendations based on predicted data. My secondary role was to conduct economic and financial analysis of Hyderabad Metro Rail Project, uncovered benefit-cost ratio.



Yoo Yoo Kids is an online platform enhancing pre-school education through interactive videos, games, worksheets, tests. Content on the app falls into five segments (the 5 Ps): Prepare, Practice, Play, Podcast, and Paint. Content is developed by individual teams based on specialized skillset (Eg – Graphic editors focus on animations in videos or games). I lead the organization of content development, coordinating between 7 teams to ensure that content being produced is of engaging quality.