play many genres, most notably, I am interested in pop and classical music. I enjoy playing for my loved ones at home as a form of entertainment or as a surprise on special occasions. I have performed solo songs at local fests. Guitar helps me express myself without speaking and this is why I value the activity greatly.


My passion for reading was ignited with the Harry Potter series. Since then, I've become fond of exploring non-fictional books in topics ranging from Economic Theories to Interdisciplinary Learning. My favorite books are:

  • Intelligent Investor by Graham - Introduced me to financial markets, I found lessons applicable to life in general.
  • Freakonomics by Levitt – Kindled my love for Economics. I was fascinated by how Economics applies itself to the real world.
  • Medici Effect by Johansson – Helped me understand the importance of interdisciplinary learning.


After moving to my new community, I sought to create a sense of togetherness amongst the residents. To achieve this objective, I started cultivating an organic garden which residents can contribute to and reap harvests from. With the help of 13 volunteers, I've planted over 600 trees and implemented drip irrigation. This experience ignited my love for gardening.